Moment of Truth

The truth is, I record music all the time.

The truth is, my beautiful blue guitar? Yeah it has a hole in the side. Yeah my bridge is uneven and it has a TEEEERRRRIBLE buzzing noise. And my guitar skilz are still lacking in every way. But I love it.

And pretty much, I’m broke all the time. So no I do not have any sort of recording program on my lappy, and I have yet to purchase one of these darling mic’s.

But none of this is stopping me. So for all those people who have asked me the question and had me completely avoid an answer, Yes. I do think about recording a cd someday (thank you Emily Collier). When and what that looks like I have absolutely no idea. The lack of maintaining calluses on my fingertips is testimony enough that I know it wont be soon, but until then I steward the little moments of glory with the Lord by *moment of truth* the sound recorder on windows. Yeah it’s terrible, but it does the job. And someday I want to put some of those little song starts together.

Last week I handed my in-ears to my brother in Virginia and walked away. I’ve not been a ‘Singer’ by vocation for two years, and currently have no hope of getting back into the house of prayer in that capacity. But I was born into the prayer movement in a baby HOP and they continually call me back. Five years from now I may find myself in the country in some state leading worship 7 days a week, dreaming about the racing schedule I lived by in Kansas City and wishing I had SOMETHING else to do and SOMEWHERE to get good coffee. But for now I fly through my days and stay up late to sing.

Let me tell you friends, Jesus sings in the night.


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