5 years later..

When I first moved to Kansas City to do the Fire In the Night internship the Lord blessed me with an amazing Romanian Roommate named Simona Stan. Simona was a hairdresser and each week on our day off she would cut my hair.  It was AWESOME. I showed up in Kansas City like this:

Yeah I’m on the back of the couch. Long hair with highlights. Simo’s the one with crazy hair. By the end of those three months I looked like this:

Yup, I’m on the right. Short hair with feisty red bangs. Each week as the hair cuts grew (get it?) shorter and shorter I pleaded with Simona to shave my head. Unfortunately I’d told too many stories about my amazing parents and she refused to do anything causing them anger.

Over the last five years I have talked and talked about “someday” buzzing my head but have never followed thru. Last night the bug bit me. Around 1 am. I tried to convince Katrina to do it right then & there but she adamently refused to believe that I was serious & walking to her room tossed back “If you can’t do this in 24 hours then there is no reason you should be doing it right now.”

Challenge served. It was the right button – pushed.

So we did. At 9.30 tonight:

And at 10.30:


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