My fingers are burning

The last two hours I’ve been playing one song. It’s called ‘You’re never giving up” and is written by one of my favorite artists, Jonathan David Helser. You can buy his product and also download all of his chord charts for free on his website,  A Place For the Heart. The song is simple,

You’re love it never fails it never ends

Your love it never quits it never stops chasing my soul

And you’re never giving up on me

Simple and true. Worth spending two hours playing the simple chords and singing the simple words. The thing about repetition is that someday we might actually believe it. I’m amazed at 23 that I’m still learning how to be a daughter, that I’m still fighting daily to believe in the love of my Father.

My friends John & Tracie Loux adopted two toddlers from the Ukraine last March and went through a rough & ragged battle. The broken heart, even the broken heart of a two year old simply can not receive love. Last February Tracie wrote about Emma’s struggles to let them into her heart, fighting with every bit of herself to keep them out. With a lot of prayer, a lot of tears and a lot of consistency love began to break through, and by July they posted this video and blog , the testimony of the transforming power in love. I’ve posted the video below but click on the link above and read what Tracie had to say about it, and you’ll feel the depth of power in those little words.

I think about that video often, about the fight of an adopted child to receive affection, to believe in acceptance, to even receive their new name, and I realize that I’m a lot like Emma. Throwing a tantrum at the sight of what just might invade my soul, what might break down the walls. But I ache for the day when all my inhibitions built from pain are thrown aside and I can dive into the arms of my Father God, knowing that I am fully His.

Those of us claiming “Forerunner” even if only on our good days, are fighting to see Malachi 4:6 alive on the earth. But we’ll not be able to turn hearts to the Father until we are lost in Him, until we believe that we are His.


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