Rustling Leaves

  • I am now cpr, aed and first aid certified through the red cross. Does the fact that I hope to never have to use any of the information I acquired today make anyone feel safer?
  • About 3x a day I’m sad that I buzzed my head, but then I take a breath and remember how hot it is outside and I’m happy.
  • Through all of the turmoil in life, and the turmoil in the lives of the ones that I love I can rest in peace in a love that never fails me. That love is what strengthens my heart to care for those that are broken, and to  pray without ceasing.
  • It’s not that hard to pray without ceasing. If you have people in your life at all, they (if not you!) will constantly be in situations beyond their control.  You are too small to carry life’s pain and will be forced to leave it with Jesus. There, now you’ll never have a reason to stop praying.
  • I’m in awe that I haven’t heard more about the oil spill, the flood’s in Nashville and the severity of the situation between North & South Korea.
  • I dream of things long before their timing. It leaves me aching.
  • Katrina made a statement the other day about life as a Nazarite not being defined so much by the specifics of what we do NOT do, and more by the simple and powerful act of responding to the subtle promptings of the Holy Spirit. I like idea, but it sure is haaaard to walk out. Help us to be faithful to Your voice Lord.
  • Emotions are the overflow of the songs that are heart never stops singing. If you listen you can sing it too.

***an addendum: I have the strangest experiences while walking into Shiloh. I always encounter the most interesting people walking out.***


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