Hot Dog Buns

This hot Sunday afternoon found me where I’m happiest; mowing the lawn, pulling weeds & transplanting flowers. Taking a short water break I realized I’d not eaten yet and open up the fridge.

Sometimes my parents will show up for a visit bearing boxes of groceries and there are a few things that my momi will always bring, simply because she knows that we love them but would never buy them. A couple of those items: Blueberry Muffin Top cereal, ramen noodles, and cheese stuffed Turkey Dogs. Today was a turkey dog day.  So I wrapped it in a damp paper towel, stuck in the microwave and went in search of my barbecue sauce.

*Insert storm clouds* After searching the tiny kitchen inside out 3 times the realization sunk in that my hot dog buns had indeed been commandeered by a roommate. It was then that I burst into tears.

I feel like there’s something wrong with crying over missing hotdog buns.


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