Sister Portrait’s

Some weeks ago we had the pleasure of a visit from my dear friend and amazingly talented photographer, Shelley Paulson. I’ve talked about Shelley a number of times and last summer shared a photo session that she had done on the IHOP-KC Shiloh property.

Shelley is a cold drink of water to a dry soul. She has a way of listening to the depth behind words and pulling out the meanings, hiding those treasures in her heart and using them to bless you at the most needed moments. While driving down the road she told me of a photo shoot she had done the day before at an abandoned house. At that exact moment we were passing a property I have frequented that contains a condemned Frank Loyd Wright style house. This land held some adventure for me earlier this year and we immediately turned around so that I could show her the place and of course tell the tale.

Shelley dined on the excitement in my story and at the end promptly informed me that she was bringing my sister and I back that week for some photographs. I think that I will look back on that morning as one of my favorite memories from this year. My sister is a priceless treasure, and Shelley one of my dearest friends, and that land holds dreams long buried in my soul. Tramping around, laughing our faces off, reveling in the history and storytelling of the wreck, enjoying the presence of one another and Shelley’s eye for capturing beauty.

Please visit her blog and join in our fun 🙂


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