One week down

Tomorrow, well technically today, is Friday. We are almost one week down of ATC 2010 and I do not have words for the last six days.

This afternoon I had a flash of brilliance which lead to ambushing all of our camp counselors with water balloons. It was glorious, and the moment of screaming and laughter that we all needed to release the pent up emotions of the first crazy week of camp.

Leaving the Awakening six hours later I dropped in to see that lights out at the hotel went smoothly and was confronted with a barrage of situations: a room that had been pranked (thoroughly trashed), holding a tear stained 12 year old boy who had been picked on to the point of bawling in the arms of a stranger, the following conversation with that entire room of boys,  a door that would not be opened to a room that contained….. well let’s just say it contained important things for tomorrow including breakfast for the campers, and to top it off, a girls room with an overflowing toilet.

1.30am. Teen Girl Squad and I are plunging said toilet while two other campers are still shaking and laughing under the power of the Holy Spirit while in their sleeping bags. The toilet did stop flooding, we used a trashbag full of the hotel’s towels to dry the floor, not a single girl screamed and I laughed through the whole situation. 1.45am, on my hands and knee’s sanitizing the floor.  Glancing over my shoulder at the 3 sleepy faces watching, return to scrubbing floor with an “ok, someone tell me a story from when you were five years old.”

Between Zack earlier today, my wrath this evening followed by Josh’s disertation on the Gospel of the Man Christ Jesus who is coming to bring an end to oppression and asking the boys to consider their salvation – well I think that we won’t have anymore problems with that room of boys. After much intercession the door was opened. The toilet stopped overflowing and I left without fear of those girls stepping on their floor with bare feet.

2.41am and the load of peewater clothes is on it’s last cycle in the washing machine. Right about now I’m pretty bummed that I don’t have a dog to go for a run with. Right now. But Andrea Carr is singing about the Good Shepherd from my speakers, and a pillow is calling my name somewhere in this house.

We all made it through the day, alive, and I’m pretty sure we will tomorrow. The Lord of all creation is moving on the hearts of the 300+ teens who have come to our doorstep and He is using broken kids like me to speak to their thirsty souls. I may have started a war with the counselors that I will regrett, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. Tonight I missed Jeremy/Jenny and didn’t cry, I think for the first time.

All of these are victories.

“Like the flower needs the rain you know I need you, like the winter needs the spring you know I need you, like the tree’s and the branches need the wind I need you to blow through my soul.” And goodnight.


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