When You Come

Unfortunately I can’t locate a video clip, but if I’ve ever encouraged you to buy some music then let it be this song by Lisa Gungor

This rugged ground is looking towards restorations sweeter song, come salvation ever true make me believe things can be new.

Looking for Your kingdom now in earth an ordinary lives, in my Lovers tender eyes I see the goodness peeking out

Heaven is here in little ways, but I can’t wait for the day when You come.

My heavy heart is aching for a home that I’ve not fully known. A life that’s far beyond this one and a Father saying it is done.

I’m holding on but I hope and pray and can’t wait for the day when You come.

When You come, oh what joy would fill my heart and peace will fill the earth when You come, my longing heart will finally find rest when You’ve come.

I see the dark and hate it all; the wounded hand, the broken child. Surely now You hear their call, surely God You feel it all.

Cause heaven is here in little ways but we can’t wait for the day when You come.


2 thoughts on “When You Come

  1. I like this… I love this song, it’s so true. it’s the groan of longing to be clothed in our heavenly dwelling, a la 2 Cor 4/5, something that I’ve been doing a lot lately. Well, I googled the lyric, and your blog was the first entry that came up. Happy to meet you in cyberspace. I’mma start following, cause if you like this song too, then just might be that we think something alike. God bless!

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