Rustling Leaves

  • “Rustling Leaves” is the title of my blog. And also the title of my random ranting posts which I believe do not always have to be on Fridays, unlike Randy Bohlender.
  • I gave Ole’ Blue, my faithful Blue Sunburst Johnson guitar to a beloved member of my KC family, not without great mourning. That guitar is soaked in tears…. and probably snot. Sorry Katie. Upon first inspection of my new guitar (A Pine Seagull) my thoughts went like this:
    • It is not blue (Down note).
    • There is a bird in flight on the top (Def a happy note)
    • There is no buzzing when I strum (a REAL happy note)
    • ‘Oh my gosh I ‘m not as bad of a guitar player as I thought…. a lot of it was due to the guitar….’
  • This leads me to missing Danika. Poor, poor Danika has suffered my guitar playing more than anyone, and convinced me that it moves the Lord.
  • This leads me to missing coffee. This city leaves me feeling besieged: there is ONE good coffee shop which is a good 20 minute drive away. Though my french press is with me the grinder is in Missouri & I don’t know how to make it in a drip – pot. Consider the habit forcibly kicked.
  • My father ordered me to sell my Geo as soon as possible “if it even makes it to Virginia.” Well that faithful little Choncho made it here great & now that I’m looking to sell it & make a more reliable purchase…. well yeah, I still want a Subaru. Little girls are allowed to dream
  • The 5 year old belonging to the family that I live with has declared me family. After a week and a half. Either I’m just that lovable or she needs some boundaries lessons.
  • My sister sends me messages that make me burst into tears at least once a day. Pray for grace for her & Joshua as they try to move forward with their wedding planning.
  • Leaving my mattress behind means I’m back in a normal sized bed & own no normal sized sheets. Therefore I am borrowing them from my brother. Yes, yes I am sleeping on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheets from our childhood.
  • That might actually explains why I’ve had such bizarre dreams lately.

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