Rustling Leaves

  • Late tonight after the family had gone to bed I made my way to the kitchen to squish up blackberry’s, chop up apples, & bottle this current batch of Kombucha. Truthfully, I like the stuff. But more than the taste, I like probiotics.
  • So I’m excited that Kim ordered Water Kefir granules & that they are arriving this next week. Once her granules double she’ll give some to me & I will have TWO scoby’s pumping out healthy goodness in this basement. I have determined that this is the year that I will get better, and by the grace of God, I will do all that is necessary.
  • Used book stores happen to be my favorite….. of anything? That’s a big statement, let’s settle with “I really like them” & today I scored big time. All hardbacks, all yellowed & tattered, all beautiful.
    • A Song In His Heart by John Jay Daly. Copyright, 1951 It chronicles the life of James Bland, a black Minstrel who captured the heart of Virginia in his music.
    • Tillie: The Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch, Copyright 1904. The binding is separated revealing peeling papers barely held together by rough stitching.
    • Adventures in Friendship by David Grayson, Copyright & Published in 1910. The author & his sister left their lives in the city to run a farm & lead simple lives. Later Grayson went on to write a series of books entitled, Adventures in Contentment, Adventures in Understanding & The Friendly Road. The back of the cover of this book states;

Lovers of the Grayson books formed a Graysonian Club, & their creed is worth quoting, “To be a Graysonian is to be fond of the open air, to love the stretching road, the sun on the shoulder-blades, the golden riot of the autumn leaves; to slip away from everything & go a-wayfaring with joy for a comrade.”

    • My kind of book.
    • A 1872 copy of the publication of the Yearly Meeting of Friends titled, ‘Doctrines, Christian Advices & Rules of Discipline’ . Yeah, that’s the Quakers. I’m MOST interested in reading their thoughts on the above.
    • And last but not least, an 1884 copy of Edward Roe’s ‘A Young Girl’s Wooing’. Chapter titles include “The Secret of Beauty, Rival Girls, The Enemies’ Plans, The Strong Man Unmanned, Certainly I refuse You & The End of the Wooing.” It’s quite possible that I will be forced to write a book review on this last one.
  • Tonight’s serenade is once again provided by the United Pursuit Band. So wonderful, it strums the strings of my heart with a faithfulness unlike almost any other group.
  • Thank you Katie for these pictures of Honey. That’s my pup, and if you don’t think she’s cute then you’re probably not alive.
  • I sincerely enjoy munching on Veggie Straws.
  • My stash of Peppermint Oreo’s is coming to an end. Most nights end with a glass of milk & a handful of cookies about an hour before bedtime. I have no idea how I am to replace Peppermint Oreo’s.
  • Sophia is back from Hong Kong/India. And temporarily living in my house in Kansas City…. while I am living in Virginia. For the last 4 years we’ve talked of her living with me there. It is interesting then that the timing was not until I left. Sorry friend, if I’d have moved a year ago you might have found yourself there a year sooner.
  • Fish. Since my beta died on my 18th birthday I’ve been convinced they were the one animal that I would never have an ounce of affection for. That is until I moved to Virginia & found my pet-less self sharing a basement with a hunch-back fish who wants nothing to do with me. I call him Igor. I sing to him little ditty’s & try to draw him out of the greenery to come & dance for me, but no. He hides. Darts up the mast of the sunken pirate ship & hides behind the sail. Fine Igor, scorn my love. I will sing you songs until your hard little fish heart changes! One day you will love me!

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