Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is my Daddy’s 56th birthday. It is also the day that his father, Carroll Styles, the man I am named after will begin to receive Hospice care. My parents were surprised by a phone call today informing them that my grandfather’s health has been declining rapidly, forcing him into immediate Hospice.

He has been on oxygen for as long as I can remember, chained to a tank, struggling to speak & has lived years longer than doctors predicted due to severe Emphysema & continuous virus’s & infections.

My grandfather is dearly loved by all; the most gentle man I have ever known & at this time *I am certain to not have the finances for a trip home if he were to pass suddenly, a fact that is difficult for me but would be more difficult for my father. Please pray for my father, my grandmother & my family during this time. I thank God that my grandfather loves Jesus & wait with anticipation for the day when I will see him strong and whole for the first time. Pray that his passing from death into life will be swift & painless. Thank you.


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