“Prayer in a Brothel”

A group of friends are ministering together in South Africa right now. I’m thankful for technology & the ability to go with them in the place of prayer & stay informed on how the Lord is moving among them AS it’s happening. The last post was titled “Prayer in a Brothel” here’s some of what they have to say;

Kirk stood before the girls and told them that they have a Father who loves them, that he sees them as beautiful, and that they can call on him whenever they want and he will answer. He will get them out.

One of the policemen took Kirk inside and showed him the house. The only furniture in the dingy rooms were mattresses. One of the rooms had a welded cage door over it.

Benjamin stood nearby. Kirk pointed at the door and asked, “What is that?” Benjamin looked down and mumbled that it was a long story. Kirk stepped close and said to him, “This is a cage. You don’t cage your own people. You are a deliverer and you have to do something about this.” Benjamin’s eyes filled with tears and he nodded.

Click here to read the full article.  Lord You  see the battle of these girls. Every day. All day long. And their cries fill Your ears. How we long for you to bring Justice to the lost, the poor & the oppressed.



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