Secret Wedding Weekend

No no no, I did not secretly get married over the weekend.

However I DID “secretly” spend a weekend in Kansas City recently with the sole purpose of helping my sister plan her wedding. And also to cry on my mom’s shoulder. And squeeze my dad’s neck. And hold my puppy…..and……

It was a painful 2 days. Not due to wedding planning, we actually accomplished a lot which is good since that was the goal. But painful for my little homesick heart that so dearly loves my family and friends. It’s not as if Virginia is torturing me, (then again this random snowstorm at the end of March is definitely a form of torture) it’s just that I really love my family & KC community. The passing of my Grandfather was monumental, and so terrible to walk out while being so far away and so far from the comfort of  familiarity. Even now as Spring is coming (as soon as the snow melts….) I ache every time I think of my flowerbeds, fruit trees, and tree swing. And I’ve definitely cried more than once in missing my many rose bushes.

But life is what it is and the journey does not have me walking on a road where comfort is found in familiarity or normalcy for that matter. This stretch of road is throwing me in searching for the heart of the Father, my Shepherd, my cover to lead me and love me and keep me. I was homesick before, but after a week in Colorado  helping the Bohlenders and a weekend with family…. ok I’m still homesick. It’s ok, it is natural, and it’s not going to kill me. These days are packed with adventure and acceleration in the plans that brought me so far away. Every morning comes too early, every evening ends too late, and just as before the fight is to keep my heart in the place of prayer whether I’m in the office or prayer room. I’m thankful for the door that the Lord invited me to step through and glad that I accepted. I’m thankful for the family that I am living with and the small band I am serving. I’m thankful for skype and txt messaging which keeps me connected to my family. I miss my sister so deeply but am thankful for the random nights (like tonight) when I can stay up till 2.45 in the morning laughing with my beloved brother Jeremy and his sweet wife, all the while wishing for Nathan and Kat to join us. I’m thankful for the road I’m on, though I can’t see where it leads. And I’m thankful that I am going home in 4 weeks for Kat’s wedding.

Ok enough being emotional! If you want to read Kat’s post about the Secret Wedding Weekend click here.


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