And I gave him sparklers for Christmas….

Yesterday evening my little brother Grayson Bohlender had an accident involving fire and is currently drugged up in the Burn Unit at KU.  You can read Randy’s brief post on the situation here.

Text messages started rolling in around 9pm last night, I did my best to mobilize prayer, made some phone calls, sent some text messages, got the word out and then….sat down to cry. Like a baby.

I made a whirlwind trip to KC last month to help with the family while Randy & Kels were in Florida adopting the new twins, and I think 14 year old Grayson was more excited to have me there than the 4 little girls., and he hacked my facebook account multiple times to prove it.

My move from KC was emotional for everyone to be sure, but Gray shocked me the most. It’s true that  at times you don’t see things clearly until they have changed, and I honestly had no idea how the lack of my presence in their home would affect him. But it did, and the mail began rolling in! He typed me letters, sent me post cards and I even received a manila envelope containing at least 100 loose leave sheets of paper each with a simple “HI” in large font.

We share lots of common interests, one being….. Sparklers. And at my suggestion Katrina, Annie & I gave him some in his Christmas present. Right now I’m kicking myself. Not because Sparklers got him into trouble yesterday but because fire did, and I wish I’d discouraged and not encouraged him.

Right now my 14 year old “lil brudder” (as he reminds me) is lying in a hospital bed, nauseous from pain, fighting a fever and gearing up for skin grafting surgery on Friday.  Each update & picture sends me into a storm of tears.

Please pray for peace over his body, for quick healing, and for grace to eat so that the doctors are not forced to give him a feeding tube. Pray for Randy, Kesley, Grandma B & the other 8 kiddos. And if you are able to help financially or to provide help with the children please let me know & I would be happy to help coordinate that.




March 5th, 2012

Ten o’clock in the morning and 37 degrees in Kansas City Missouri. The 4 Bohlender Girls have been up since 6.30am. Actually, they’ve been up since 6, I thought I could get them back to sleep until 7 but by 6.30 I gave up & all 4 tumbled out of bed & sleepily down the stairs where I dropped on the couch & they piled on top of me to watch the sun rise. It was a sweet morning, but soon gave way to the crazy that is a 5 year old, twin 3 year olds & a 2 year old.

By 10, and at 37 degrees Grandma & I bundled them up and sent them outside to run off “the grumpies”. I sit in my coat, curled up with a blanket & mug of tea watching my precious little sisters run and play, and breathe gratitude. February was 29 days of battling grief. By the afternoon of Monday the 27th I whispered a desperate prayer for adventure to pull me out. I’m so glad the Lord always takes me seriously. Within hours a message came from the Bohlenders that the adoption of their twin girls –  twin siblings may actually go through, asking if I could come to Kansas City and help with their little ones while they stayed in Florida to receive the new babies. Insert Chaos, bizarre situations, stress & 6.30 Friday morning, after an incredibly eventful drive to the airport…….and I was going home. Filled with smiles though sleepless, and filled with Joy. Knowing that my sister would was waiting with tears and welcoming arms. Knowing that 5 days of sleepless nights & long days awaited me. Knowing that a city of people who love me awaited me. Knowing that an all too brief visit from my beloved parents awaited me.

Filled, with Joy.

And that’s all I’ve been able to think about since I’ve arrived. That is the very way we are to live every situation, every season. As the Redeemed, those who’ve been brought from death into a living hope, that our portion is to Live. Live Filled. Filled with Joy. And One Thousand Gifts