My Cup Runneth Over J.P.Scholfield

I had traveled down live’s pathway many days – seeking something fear and conscience would destroy: then I anchored to the savior and He changed my ways;


My cup runneth over with joy. My cup runneth over with joy, my cup runneth over with joy; Now my soul delights to sing – for I’m walking with my King; my cup runneth over with joy.

Verses 2 & 3

When I heard that Jesus came to resuce me, and had pow’r to still the waves that did annoy; I committed all to Him and He gave victory; my cup runneth over with joy.

Now I’m walking with the Savior every day – and my path is set with jewels not alloy; I am happy as I travel on this upward way; my cup runneth over with joy.



December Breezes

The month of December has become Synonymous for ‘Utter and Complete Change’ in my life and though we’re only eight days in, thus far 2012 has not proved to disappoint.

The Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace is in the middle of a SOZO conference right now, hosting John & Carol Arnott of the Toronto Airport Church, Don Potter, and Corey Russel as the main speakers, and it has been really, really good. Yesterday I lay on the floor under a presence as thick and heavy as a down blanket, and rose feeling as though I’d had a deep, long nap. Today I was torn up one side and down the other…but in a good way? Sentences like that leave me feeling as though Christians have the hardest time explaining themselves….and it’s true! This afternoon Don Potter candidly spoke of his life’s story. I sat in the front row, alternating between tears & laughter as the message seemed so directly for me in this season of my life, that I couldn’t help but respond with wonder.

Part of the tenderness in my heart may have had to do with the conversation I had directly before Don’s message. This December’s upcoming changes have brought about a considerable amount of reminiscing and contemplating of the last four years of my life. Specifically the last four, because 2008 (the year that I worked for TheCall) so dramatically set the stage for the following three, leading up to today. I had heard that a young lady who is a part of FPF had given her life to the Lord at the 2008 CallDC prayer gathering. Today I was able to tell her that I had worked behind the scene’s for that event, and grab a few minutes with her to hear the story.

She told me of the hard situations of that time of life which had cultivated such a desperation to escape that she leaped when her sister invited her to attend the PreCall conference & TheCall event. What got me was her moment of conversion, which came about during the LIFE siege  She said that she put the tape on her mouth and in the silence she began to think a whirlwind of thoughts – of how pained she was to have never known of the horror’s of abortion, how angry she was that no one had ever told her, and how she felt as though she’d wasted so much of her life on worthless things. By this time of the story tears were streaming down both of our faces and she choked out with a sob, “I just fell to my knees on the grass and I knew that I never wanted to waste another day, I wanted to give my life to Jesus and to the things that really matter.”

Over three years later she is an integral part of the the daily operations of the ministry that I serve with, the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. We cried on each other’s shoulders, both feeling such immense gratitude to the Lord for His hand on her life, and outwardly I marveled that He knew who she would be, what He would use her for in the future, how much she would be needed by FPF now, even on that day that He called her name and saved her. She pulled back, looked me in the face nodding, and said “and wisdom is justified by her children” motioning to me, and then to herself, finishing with a tearful “Thank You.”

The Lord is so kind to give us glimpses of the big picture, and I wonder if that’s a tiny taste of the joy of Heaven, when we finally see with clarity ALL that He was doing around and in and through us. I think we’ll find it to be so much more than we could ever ask for, or ever imagine.

Following that emotional interaction came Don’s message of absolute surrender to the will of the Lord. It’s no wonder my ears could hear it after such an introduction. Once brought back into the recording studio he struggled to play simple songs, walked out and heard an incredible recording that He amazingly admitted could not have been himself playing. At that admission the Lord responded “Don, your life as a musician is mediocre at best, but with Me, you are exceptional”.

With Him, YOU are exceptional. Doesn’t that give you the incentive to grab hold of the King and not let go?

And I through tear brimmed eyes I marveled. My life? Mediocre. Mediocre, at best! Oh but He makes the story exceptional. He does more than I see, more than I think, more than I DREAM. So much more than I know. And as cold winds blow transition right back into my life, I receive it with hands wide open to His will. Oh Lord, You do exceptional things with handfuls of dust.

His love won my heart J.P. Scholfield

photo (20)I heard a sweet story, I know its true, it took a firm grip on my soul; It told of a Savior who ame to save, and make a broken life whole.


His love won my heart, a love that will never depart; He took sin away, and came in to stay, His love won my heart. I want to be faithful, and loyal and true to the love that won my heart.

Vs. 2 & 3

I yielded myself to this Christ divine, for sin was a burden to me; He lifted that burden and gave me peace and set my captive soul free.

And now I am singing along my way, where once I was burdened and sad; now He is my Shepherd, my Friend and Guide, and keeps my heart ever glad.

‘Neath the Old Olive Trees B.B.Mckinney

old olive tree

‘Neath the starts of the night, walked the Savior of light, In the garden of dew lad-ened breeze, where no light could be found, Jesus knelt on the ground, There He prayed ‘neath the old olive trees.


‘Neath the old olive trees, Neath the old olive trees, Went the Savior alone on His knees, “Not my will, Thine be done,” cried the Father’s own Son, as He knelt ‘neath the old olive tress.

Verses 2 & 3

All the sin of the world on the Savior was hurled, As He knelt in the garden above; Hear His soul-burdened plea, Let this cup pass from Me, “Nev’rtheless, not my will, Thine be done”

May my song ever be, of the love proffered me, By my Lord all alone on His knees: praise His wonderful name, He who bore all my blame, As He knelt neath the old olive trees.

“My Prayer” B.B.McKinney

Revival SongsI found this beautiful little book called “Revival Songs” in an antique store downtown. The songs are pure treasure and I’ve decided to share them once a day to get myself back into the habit of blogging, and to share the jems hidden inside 🙂 Hope you enjoy!



My Prayer

Take me, oh lord, I now can see Thy precious will is best for me; Just as I am, tho’ weak and small, I yield my life my all.


Just as I am, oh take me, Bend me, oh Lord, or break me, Mould me, oh Lord, and make me After thy will divine.

vs.2 & 3

Mend me, oh Lord with all my pride, Let selfish plans be crucified; Oh mend and purge this heart of mine, Give me a heart like Thine.

Make me, oh Lord, completely Thine, Fill Thou my life with pow’r divine; Own me, and use me, Lord, I pray, Thro’-out life’s little day.