“My Prayer” B.B.McKinney

Revival SongsI found this beautiful little book called “Revival Songs” in an antique store downtown. The songs are pure treasure and I’ve decided to share them once a day to get myself back into the habit of blogging, and to share the jems hidden inside 🙂 Hope you enjoy!



My Prayer

Take me, oh lord, I now can see Thy precious will is best for me; Just as I am, tho’ weak and small, I yield my life my all.


Just as I am, oh take me, Bend me, oh Lord, or break me, Mould me, oh Lord, and make me After thy will divine.

vs.2 & 3

Mend me, oh Lord with all my pride, Let selfish plans be crucified; Oh mend and purge this heart of mine, Give me a heart like Thine.

Make me, oh Lord, completely Thine, Fill Thou my life with pow’r divine; Own me, and use me, Lord, I pray, Thro’-out life’s little day.


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