‘Neath the Old Olive Trees B.B.Mckinney

old olive tree

‘Neath the starts of the night, walked the Savior of light, In the garden of dew lad-ened breeze, where no light could be found, Jesus knelt on the ground, There He prayed ‘neath the old olive trees.


‘Neath the old olive trees, Neath the old olive trees, Went the Savior alone on His knees, “Not my will, Thine be done,” cried the Father’s own Son, as He knelt ‘neath the old olive tress.

Verses 2 & 3

All the sin of the world on the Savior was hurled, As He knelt in the garden above; Hear His soul-burdened plea, Let this cup pass from Me, “Nev’rtheless, not my will, Thine be done”

May my song ever be, of the love proffered me, By my Lord all alone on His knees: praise His wonderful name, He who bore all my blame, As He knelt neath the old olive trees.


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