*Photo credit to Alyssa Degraff Photography*

My name is Christina Styles. I am a lover of the East and West coast of America with a mid-western heart. My delight is in all things small, from babies to itsy cans of soda and my almost 5 lb pup named Honey. I live to create and my desire is for a heart that beats to the same rythym as the heart of Jesus. If you’re here, you can’t help but notice that whatever I feel, I feel strongly. You’ll have to forgive me for that.

Joy like a child keeps me breathing, and the stars are my guide when I am lost, reminding me of the One who made them, who holds them and who tenderly watches over me. Words are my delight, and some books my closest friends.  I wake each morning and rest each evening all because of one Man, and the missing of Him drives me through the chaos that describes too much of our ever moving days. Take a look around and leave a note!

Wish List

Here’s a link to my Amazon Wish List, this is posted for the sake of my dear mother who asked me for the link every July. Love you Mama!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Shalom! I’m doing some work with TheGLO, a new Spirit-filled blogger community, and I needed to ask you something privately. Would you mind emailing me at shalommarkwilliams [at] gmail [dot] com?

    Thanks so much!


  2. in response to your “blog stats” tweet…

    I am a stranger from Mexico.

    I think you are cool. I like your passion for Jesus.

    I read because God has a way of speaking though random people in posts that have nothing to do with me yet manage to make me feel like they do. You’re also kinda funny…

    and the whole not telling you bit… well I always feel like an internet stalker if I do. This is actually kinda breaking my “no-contact-for-fear-of-seeming-stalkerish rule”. But hey, sometimes it’s cool to know you actually reach and affect people who you have no idea exist and live thousands of miles away.

  3. Christina!
    It’s Annie Provencher from waaaaay back when in FITN! A bit belated in my welcome, I know but all the same….WELCOME TO VIRGINIA!!! (Or, as natives say, Vuhginyuh.)

    I’m glad it’s starting to feel like home for you, even if your transition hasn’t been the easiest…but what transition ever is, right? It sounds like you’re about to move again, and my guess is you’re moving closer to DC? Am I correct? If so, we must connect at some point! I’m in nova and would love to see you! If you’re not headed this way, let me know all the same…I’m actually only an hour from Fredricksburg and have just never made it down to the hop…but if I knew I could see you, I would definitely make it;)

    Hope all is well!

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