Tuesday– I spent seven years as an Intercessory Missionary connected to different missions bases in the US. During that Time, Tuesdays were generally a special day of the week when the whole staff would together fast and pray for the Nation of Israel. “Tuesday” has becoming a category for me that’s related to fasting and the tendency it has to tenderize one’s heart.

Daily Life – An unobtrusive glimpse into the details of my day to day life.

Stirred by a Noble Theme – Psalms 45. 1 “My heart is stirred by a noble theme, as I recite my verses for the King; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer”

While I am Away – Entries that are written outside of the context of my normal KCMO life.


Picture: Shiloh Glory by Jennifer Styles

This is where I would go to breathe, to watch the sunrise and talk to my Savior, where the music was silenced, the sound of cars and voices were gone, and the choruses of birds fill the air. This is where I get creative, and my heart overflows.


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