Missing Miah, Round Two

Pre-East Coast move I probably talked to him a couple times a month. Post move, every couple of months. Since his sudden passing, I wish I could talk to him on average several times a week.

We’re so like sheep. Just walking out our daily routine: food, water, sleep. Never thinking that the routine, all that is daily & hourly taken for granted would every change. Never thinking that the people in our lives, the people that make up our lives, would ever be gone.

I’ve come to believe that who we are as individuals is largely composed of the effect of the people whom we love and the people who love us. Like it or not, like them or not, the people in our lives mold us.

I was so broken at the idea of how the lack of him in my life could change me. I was afraid that the effect that he had made in me would slowly fade away, afraid that as the years passed I would forget him. But I haven’t. So much of KC reminds me of him.

And it’s not just Miah, it’s all of “those that have gone before”. I feel the pain of the missing, the ache of the longing for the ones I love that I can’t see, touch or talk to. In the stillness of remembering I find myself regularly composing letters to them in my mind.

As I fill the bird feeders around my house I think of my grandpa and unintentionally it starts,

Dear Grandpa, my bird feeder collection is starting to rival yours. Does it make you glad to see me feeding the birds….

A Friday night will roll around and I have no plans, and I remember when Jeremy left and I so needed a brother. On those sad Friday nights I’d call Miah and he’d take me to coffee or dinner. Once, after telling him a story of a weird encounter with a man in an airport he grabbed my phone, took a picture of himself flexing and said, “There, when you travel make that picture the background on your phone and tell all the creeps that you have a boyfriend!” That picture brought so much laughter every time I stumbled across it. Driving home from work I whisper,

Dear Miah, thank you for loving me so well…..

The lawn mower breaks down…. again… And with a deep sigh I look to the heavens and it begins,

Dear Bob, when you were alive I always had a working lawn mower…..

Changes are coming. My little weary squeezes at the changes that I know about that are around the corner, and fears the things I have yet to know. I take deep breaths and thank the Lord for the years, the time in KC where so many of the friends and people whom I love live less than 5 minutes away, and I grieve them as they leave. With each move, each friend that suddenly becomes distant the view of my life just as suddenly changes and I wonder how long the old normal that has become normal again, will stay.

I wonder how long I will stay. How long will I live on my parents property, in the house my Daddy fixed for me? How long will I live with my sister and BIL? I’ve been working and working the property to make it beautiful again and each day I wonder, am I doing this for myself or will someone else be one to enjoy it?

The questions, the pain in the missing, it would utterly overwhelm but for the anchor in my soul. The hope, of life that never dies, of love that never ends. The hope in know that each day brings me closer to the City, the New Jerusalem, the home that never changes, the life where there is no missing. Can you imagine? Just stop for a second! Take a deep breathe, push the crowding thoughts away, and for a moment just allow yourself to image. Life. Lived to the fullest. No goodbyes, no missing.

And those letters I write turn to Him. Wondering at the real life that is being lived with the Lord, the unimaginable joy from those I love who are WITH Him.

And that’s the only resolution. To live “from the end” as Bonhoeffer wrote, to live each day with the end as our hope and our prize and our goal. And to fight to love better those whom are still with us.

Do not take them for granted, those family members, those friends. I meant to call him the week before the run, but I didn’t. That conversation will come, but I will wait long for it.

Don’t wait long.

Express yourself, verbalize the things you think, the things that you love about them, the things that you’re grateful for. The things you would wish a thousand times that you’d said if they were suddenly gone from your life. Be transparent, be real, be grateful.

Lewis said that “the fact that our hearts yearn for something Earth can’t supply is proof enough that heaven must be our home.” My heart yearns more by the day. I want your kingdom Jesus.


“When peace like a river attendeth my way”

11.49pm and my alarm goes off at 5am tomorrow.

This morning I awoke with a weepy heart, whispering on the inside ” Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This morning I wished for coffee with Jeremy to help me untangle my thoughts and emotions. This morning I cringed at the list of things needing my attention this week; emails, meetings, planning, research, note making, preparing for class, books to be read in class preparation, phone calls, and on and on. This morning I wondered again why the Lord did not have me go to DC in January. This morning I did not want to be a leader, and this morning I did NOT want to go to youth church.

But I got out of bed, grabbed coffee with my best friend, and went to service anyway. Walking down the hallway I hoped for a room full of the teenagers whose faces I have come to love, thinking that the sight would lift my spirits. What I saw was the sound guy, the worship team practicing and only five kids in the room, 3 of whom I had never seen before.

But I sat in the front so that I could think about Jesus and not the empty room. And more kids came despite the snow, the faithful teens who are the reason I show up for 6 hours worth of planning meetings every week. And I watched Zac, our anointed 16yr old worship leader break down crying while singing about the soon return of Jesus and in that moment it was worth it. Getting out of bed today was worth seeing the longing for Jesus coming out of that young man’s heart.

This morning peace came to me with tears as the small group of 30 worshiped the Lord in that little room. This morning I called my soul to remember my hope, He is coming. We’re not always going to live like this, at a distance from the One who we love. Hear me, the Lord IS pouring out His Spirit in a fresh and powerful way and that is real. But….

But one day we will see Him face to face. And He comes back to the song of His bride longing for Him to return. Today I saw longing in the face of our students, and all of my changed plans and the accompanying pain and questions were worth it. Tomorrow I may need another reminder, but today it was worth it.

Today the healthcare bill passed by a narrow, narrow vote. And tomorrow I submit myself again to the “weakness” of prayer, asking with the same fervor of today, not discouraged or dismayed. Today I still believe for the mercy of God. And tomorrow I still stand in faith for the salvation of the unborn.

And this is what I live for, a generation to be friends of Jesus. This is what I wake for, this is what I pray for. Revival for breakfast, revival for lunch, revival for dinner (Thanks Alyssa).

Thy kingdom come Lord, thy will be done on earth, even as it is in heaven.

Rustling Leaves

  • “I am more than what these ashes say for they will flee away when He comes for me. My love is real before His eyes, He’s ravished by the sight of one glance from me”
  • My little cup of chocolate icecream from the Bargain Factory is not that good. But I ate the whole thing anyways.
  • Yes I am single. No I do not hate men, nor do I ACTUALLY believe that I am to live single until I die or the Lord should return. Please quit asking me if I’m never going to get married when I tell you that I am single. No I don’t want to get coffee with your assistant or have dinner with your cousin.
  • It’s incredible how much love you can feel for an animal. We had to put Pippin to sleep unexpectedly last Saturday morning and I’ve wept all week-long. Literally. So has my mom. And sister. And my Dad.  This darling dog was the cutest puppy I’d ever seen in my life and stole my heart the first time I saw him 6 1/2 years ago. His absence screams at us. Right now I’m wanting to get a big dog to run with but am being shut down by…. everyone.
  • It has been exactly 20 days since I have blogged.
  • It could have nothing to do with me. That’s highly possible in fact but none the less I have noticed 3 of our highschool girls dying parts of their hair red over the last two weeks. Wether or not this has anything to do with my hair funk it has caught my attention and put an extra tremble inside of me about the influence  of a young person working with teenagers, and wanting to only use that to thrust them into the heart of Christ.
  • When you are out of eggs, milk, sugar, cream & bread it is very difficult to make breakfast, OR drink coffee. In such an instance it is perfectly acceptable to eat cake for breakfast, even several days in a row. And also to drink hot chocolate.
  • Friday I decided two things. 1)I will not live under a spirit of rejection no matter what my circumstances or past say to me and 2)I refuse to be unsatisfied in God.
  • Thursday I watched Alyssa break through an iced-over stream with her backside. And I laughed for a minute before helping her up. It was priceless.
  • After spending 7 days balking on a big decision I finally made the leap…..and then slept REALLY well for the first time in 7 days. Fear steals peace, sleep, time, joy and all sorts of important things. Let’s all live fearlessly shall we?
  • I still deeply miss my brother, and have finally resolved the issue that the pain of that isn’t going to lesson for some time leaving me free to burst into tears shamelessly every time someone asks me if I miss him. Please don’t ask, it’s quite messy.
  • One can be quite happy  to exist on a diet consisting of mostly rice with random foods to supplement. If my best friends can live a simple lifestyle in other countries doing missionary work then I can also live that way in THIS country while doing missionary work.
  • Borrowing cars to get to all of the appointments in my schedule is becoming increasingly difficult and quite wearying. That being said I am thankful for my feet AND for my new Vibram Five Fingers that I prayed for and the Lord provided for!! Yes they look strange and Yes I DO feel like a frog when I wear them but I’m pretty sure they’re going to help strengthen my feet and THAT is quite exciting!
  • I’ve set my heart on the youth of this city. I’ve set my eyes on the young people at IHOP. If you are one of them and are reading this blog post you may now feel loved, but also warned because I am watching you and I’m going to fight for you to live radical lifestyles of righteous love.
  • Tonight several friends prophesied over my parents who are visiting and were attending the Awakening Service. It was incredible, for my parents, for kat & I and for those hearing from the Lord on our behalf. I pray to never cease to be amazed at the depth of love the Father has for us.
  • My visiting parents brought groceries. SERIOUS groceries, and though I love to live simply my stomach is happy to not be mostly filled with rice for a couple of weeks. Let’s hear it for good parents!
  • C.S. Lewis makes a point in his book The Four Loves that “Affection at it’s best” is shown to those around the dinner table rather than those at the dinner party. He requires that the best of our affection be lavished on those in our home, with greater thoughtfulness, kindness, intentionality  and preference than we give to the friends who we meet with occasionally. This is a hard requirement but one WELL worth fighting for. If, and I believe it to be true,  the one thing that matters most when we stand before the Lord of Glory is how we learned to love then we must WAR against the drive to disdain those in the closest proximity to our lives. The King of Kings is Himself the Lamb who was slain. How then should we live? My proposal: “Wide open like a lake.”
We had op0lito put-p vccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc Pippin to sleep unexpectedly last saturday morning and I’ve wept all week long. Literally. So has my parents & my sister.

TheCall Houston Pt.1

About 2 weeks ago I received a txt message from my friend T starting with “Do you want to go to Houston?…”

Let me say in my exhaustion….. that I have little to say 🙂 I always love roadtrips with Katrina (can you say – bottle rockets out the window?)  I am so honored to have run with theCall. Grateful to the Lord, to T and to Yale for the honor of helping in Houston. Blessed by Andy for hosting us for two days, and Gabriella for putting us up tonight where we get our own rooms and beds.

I slept about 3 hours last night, and worked a long hard day today. So “long hard” that when we finally ate (3pm dinner with T, the Engles, Martiers & Katz) I downed 3 dr.peppers and still had a hard time staying awake while driving through Houston tonight. Speaking of Houston I hate the interstate.

I finally met Levi Bethune, who’s photography I’ve admired for sometime. And got to be loved by the Lockett’s a little for a few days. This makes me think of Fredricksburg and I’m thankful for the clear distraction to steal the pain of my brother’s moving their this week. Levi, Matt, Kim – Hug Jeremy for me this week will you?

Have I ever mentioned that I love Steve Brown and Resource Group? He is STELLAR, and it’s always a blast to work with his talented, resourceful crew.

There are a few bad photographs to come later, and more thoughts. This Call event was quite different from any other’s I have done, but some dreams in my soul came to life today and my heart beats a little more real than before. Early tomorrow morning we hit the road for KC and maybe on Wednesday I’ll compose some tidbits about TheCall.

7.30 comes too soon

Katrina was two years old when I was born and she hated me.

Sounds like a bad beginning to a sad story but it worked out alright on my end, I grew in the dirt under open skies and the watchful eyes of my brother Jeremy and the neighborhood boys. Jeremy made me everyone’s little sister, a position I carried well. Bloody knees, bruised elbows, more hair than body (and it was always a mess), I had a will to match their boyish zeal for adventure and the few years they all had on me, and no matter how much I slowed them down he always brought me along. He was my hero.

From the start we were that close and it took me years to realize how rare our friendship was. He was my teacher, my instigator, my champion and friend, my brother and father to my absent daddy. Always pushing me further, always calling me higher. Blue eyes blazing with passion he always dared me to fly, and in his eyes I did. No really, in my dreams I never fly but I always fly in his. He gave me gasoline when I longed to burn. Poured it on and kept pouring, giving all he had to fuel the flickering desire for God. Teaching me of dreams, hearing and sight. Late nights talking, drinking from each other’s souls, gleaning from the revelation growing inside, weeping and longing, seeking and finding. Jeremy taught me that there were no limits and I gave all myself to be free.

During our internship we would tag-team pray over people, and there has never been another person that I see in the Spirit so clearly with. J and I breathe emotion. He’s fire on the inside. Confident where I was afraid and sure in my insecurities. Bursting with excitement for whatever has hooked his attention, and he gives all of himself to that thing. And he’s a nerd. Full on.

Our childhood was made of storybooks, or maybe I should say that books should be written about our childhood? Long summers running in fields, trekking to the swimming pool, making a tree house out of the bare roots of an old tree and a hillside. Scheming and playing on the top-level of a metal rocket ship at the play ground. Taking animal parades and walking the dog, bunnies and pet goose ….. all at once. Selling Kool-aide on the corner. And pestering the heck out of my sister. Katrina and I would get into long fights ALL THE TIME, and Jeremy would record them on his tape recorder, narrating the situation and who did what, then filling in the gaps with advertisements of random things he would make up or musical interludes of him playing the piano. And yes he did play them for my mom. And yes I did stage some of the fights for his cassette tapes.

J would save all of his junk, and sell them to us at his ‘Only this afternoon for an hour’ sales. And we would buy it. He could convince us to do anything.

Moving to Iowa burst open his dreamers heart. We would spend our days tramping through fields, J with a bb gun to shoot squirrels and I with a kitten in my pocket. We’d lay in the long warm grass and watch the clouds, dreaming big dreams and believe it or not he is as much of a romantic, dramatic dreamer as I am.

He first came to Kansas City during one of the most difficult seasons of my life, and I was desperate for his counsel and friendship. My nightwatch friends will understand when I say that I was one of those crazy family members who for the life of me could not remember that he SLEPT until two pm! At least twice a week I would call at noon while leaving work, and when he didn’t answer, would proceed to call his apartment phone. *God bless Nick Beaver and Trey Roach for never hurting me for those early phone calls* And he always took my calls. He would call me some nights, real late (or early) and though I almost never understood what the heck he was talking about I knew that he was burning in a way that I’d never seen, and I wanted in.

Thank you Jesus for IHOP-KC. He was my champion even during his track 1 of FITN. I’d visit and he’d keep me awake in the prayer room all night, take me to his briefings for Joanna’s worship team, and talk me through all the emotional tornado’s that I had. That’s when I met CJ. He was the “other Jeremy”, from Nebraska and talked like he’d smoked for 80 years. We hit it off right away.

Sometimes I forget that CJ was not always apart of our lives, that 4 years of history is REALLY not that much time, he was just one of us from the start. Poor CJ walked me through so much healing, and so much of the overflow of my brokeness and inability to trust. Often surprised at the intensity he was never overwhelmed by my outbursts and gently guided me through my track 1, letting me weep on his couch and wash my clothes in his basement. And together we prayed J back to KC.

Doing track two together was unbelievable. J & I were hardly apart much to my roommates annoyance,  and that time forged a deeper bond between us. It’s hard to not grow closer when you’re changing so much together. We shared a car, secrets, revelation, food, laugher and tears, and I did his laundry with mine once a week in CJ’s basement. And we shared lots of laughter about the time my superman boy shorts got left in the dryer. In CJ’s basement. That jerk still call’s me superman.

We moved here together, grew closer, grew apart, grew angry and became friends again. And we prayed Katrina here. Unbelievable gifts from the Lord.

I knew I liked Jen the first time I walked into the cafeteria at 6.45 in the morning and heard her playing the piano. With the lights off. We got along well, spent some time together, had coffee and took walks. One summer morning I left the prayer room, the birds were singing and it was gently raining one of those glorious, warm summer rains. And NO ONE would walk with me in it. But I waited until 7 when she got done playing and her eyes sparked when I asked her to walk in the rain with me. We walked Terrace Lakes over and back about 4 times that morning. In the rain. I ruined my cell phone and I found a life long friend.

I lost Jeremy when he fell in love with Jen. It was the day she fell off his roof. What were they doing on the roof? Alone? Oh you know, watching the stars…. the boy who’d once told me I was NEVER allowed to stare at the stars with boys was alone on his roof, with Jen. We’d known for awhile that he liked her, but the fear of her fall did something inside of him that I can’t explain and he was a mess for days. And I was angry. My “brothers” all tried to help, everyone gently would say “it was going to happen someday” but honestly had never thought that it would. Never had it entered my mind that we would not be heart friends, and never did I think that another woman would come between us. She moved in with Kat & I a few months later. It was hard to stay angry when I liked her so much. It was the gift of God to us that she lived with us.

They were married last May. I can hardly believe it. He wept when he saw her and she held her head high and the heavens poured down on that tiny glass chapel. Nathan and Kat cried through the whole ceremony but my face hurt from smiling so big. I watched him be a man that day, and gladly received my sister.

Tonight they had dinner with us. Dad drove in from Iowa and mom had been here since Kat’s ER scare. Through hours of food, games, tim tam slams, laughter and stories I watched them. CJ was married this last year as well and I’ve hardly seen him but he came for some hours and I loved that he was here. It was fitting to have him with my family on this night.  He and Jeremy sat side by side subject hopping, Jeremy instructing him on the game, CJ talking about Christina and their dogs and working with FITN, Jeremy randomly leaning across the table to kiss Jen’s forehead.

Tomorrow morning they move to Fredericksburg. There was a time 3 years ago when Jeremy left for 2 months of Jury duty and I was terrified. So much was happening inside and outside of me and he was my stability. I had no idea how to be me without him. That time I knew he was coming back. But here we are. There is no going back, no slowing down, no pausing. We are ever-moving forward toward the one thing that drives us, filling our nights with dreams and our days with hunger, the return of Christ Jesus, and goodbye is too formal for my ears. Holy Spirit has reminded me over and over and over again throughout this week, “you’re going to live forever” and it fills my heart with hope.

How do the lost ever say goodbye? We are those who have been set free from death and the kingdom of darkness, and we are never going to die. “Life is a vapor fading fast, just one more moment it will pass but it will be remembered like a dream in the night”. Just a dream, slightly faded, trying hard to reach onto and grab hold of the details, but still just a dream, and we are going to live forever. Forever. Growing in love and friendship with Jesus, growing in love and friendship with one another. And no ‘goodbye’ is final.

Early tomorrow morning I will squeeze my sister, mix our tears and kiss her cheek, and will hug him like I’m never letting go. The way I always have. But I’m going to let go. I’ll cry when they leave, probably cry throughout the day, and cry when I go to bed. But tomorrow I will go to bed unlike the rest of this week as I have fought sleep in an effort to fight their leaving. Tomorrow I’ll also make a pot of french press, watch Cohen for an hour, do some laundry and cleaning and go to the Awakening. Life will go on and I will enjoy it because we are still moving forward and all for the same goal: We miss you Jesus, and we want you to come back.

And I’m so thankful for you Jeremy.

Christmas Eve – 2009

So technically it’s Christmas day, but in my world it’s not tomorrow until I wake up 🙂

Currently I am sitting at the counter in Shawn & Angel Anton’s kitchen eating stale popcorn and drinking a coke with a creepy image of a bearded man on the can. I’m sure that I’ve eaten something else at some point today, I just can’t remember right now what it was. I am listening to the set that I sang earlier today, happy to have been able to sing this week, and laughing at the Media team.  Most of the crazy kids in the department love me, and love the chance to get me on camera. Today they celebrated this by an abundance of close up face shots. Thanks guys.

Outside it’s snowing, blizzard like actually, and we may get the most snow that I’ve seen in KC.

This year has not turned out in anyway that I had planned. In fact, most of my plans fell through in the last 12 months, but somehow I’m not discouraged. There have been quite a few disappointments, many situations I wished that I would not have found myself in, months lived day in and day out in pain, both physical and emotional, and somewhere in the middle of all of it I found myself living in the arms of my Father. Learning to breathe again, learning to laugh heartily, finding joy in the struggle and freedom in tears before the Lord of all creation.

And already my beginning plans for 2010 have fallen through, and it’s ok. After the Onething conference I have no job, and no paycheck, and it’s ok. In January my brother, the man who I have leaned on more than any other in my life will be moving with his bride to Virginia, and it’s ok. 2010 will probably see another wedding in the Styles family, and I’ll have to release my sister from being my closest companion.

Today we sang through Psalm 45, which is my twin favorite Psalm to 84. It reminds me that we are living for another age, another kingdom, a totally different King. Oh Lord, let us truly celebrate You on this day. All of Your ways in our lives are perfect Jesus, and we trust You.

“Life is a moment fading fast, but it will be remembered like a dream in the night. We will remember Love”

Rustling Leaves

  • The Lord has been pouring out His Spirit on the students of IHOPU, and the IHOP-KC family in a POWERFUL way for 7 days now. My heart alternately cry’s and marvels at the testimonies of dramatic deliverance happening in the hearts of men and women and the healings that are occurring literally every day. Many are being baptized and we are beginning to see salvation coming due to these funny (literally – uproarious laughter funny) meetings happening each night. If you have not heard of what is going on, that’s ok! You can watch from 6-midnight each night if you click here.
  • Every night after 6 hours of ministering to those responding to the different alter calls and alternately being ministered to, I find myself ravenously hungry. After a few nights of going out to eat with some friends we decided instead to take turns cooking providing the crew with 1)food 2)the ability to NOT waste cash at Buffalo Wild Wings 5x a week and 3) good old-fashioned, sitting round the table community. It’s been good for my soul. We eat and laugh and continue to talk about Jesus and fellowship together in His Spirit. There is nothing like the community of the brethren.
  • I am watching my friends come alive. No really, I am watching their hearts being completely healed, set free and set ablaze with life and the love of God and they are seriously like new beings. Surely we are living in days of watching the New Birth.
  • Due to all of this, I’m finding myself more tired, more thirsty and more hungry than usual. With 6 hours of ministry at the end of each day I have also found myself eating less, cleaning less, sleeping less and today I was “clean-clothes-less”. SO, I took tonight off, ran a BUNCH of errands, got groceries and other things that I needed, gave the dog a well over due bath and did my laundry. An old pastor of mine used to say “Sometimes the most spiritual thing that you can do is take a nap.”
  • For those experiencing this exciting “Awakening” here’s a few tips from Joanna: Drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and if your lower back hurts drink cranberry juice. She has a great post about this, and you can read it here.
  • This season has brought about a burst of community literally like none I’ve ever experienced in my life and I am very, very grateful for it. Why is this happen, and why now? I don’t really know, except that the timing of the Lord is perfect, and i began to notice dramatic changes after a time of deep digging, repentance and forgiveness towards those who have hurt me in the distant and not so distant past.
  • I’ve been volunteering on the weekends with Student Ministries, just showing up, praying and getting to know some of the kids. Most of you know I spent 4 years working for a large youth ministry and really love teenagers. BUUUUT, that was 5 years ago and I have had to have the Lord deal with real fear and pain in my heart to even think about stepping back into this game. I’m thankful that He is faithful to my heart and has done so much healing inside and in just the right time! The last few weeks have been much busier than my already packed normal schedule, but I’m thankful for it.
  • Onething planning has hit. I’m trying to stifle the anxiety of paperwork, schedules, purchase orders and SO.MANY.DETAILS. and am trying to remind myself to pray for the thousands who will come at the end of the year to receive from the Lord in our annual conference. And I have an added reason to look forward to Onething this year because…
  • I’m quitting my job, and Onething is the end of my year of serving for the Media Department here at IHOP-KC. I have truly loved serving the men and women who work so tirelessly for this missions base and the nations of the world as they broadcast through the webstream, but am ready to get out from behind a desk. This is a happy transition for me on several levels, one of them being…
  • I’m going to JHOP-DC in January. (insert hick accent) YUP I FINALLY FREAKING SAID IT ON THE INTERNET. My plan is to visit the House of Prayer in Washington DC for a time, strengthening their prayer room and laboring in long hours of prayer for revival in America. This may  not sound like a break after the last year, and it’s not. BUT the Lord has offered me a clean page for 2010 and I’m excited to write on it. (More on this later)
  • Tonight, I’m listening to the Redemption Songs by Jars of Clay and Dan Haseltine’s voice reminds me of my friend Tim Cone. You should visit his website or myspace and give him money so he can keep recording Jesus Music and give it away free.
  • FALL IS HERE AND IT IS CURRENTLY MY FAVORITE SEASON!! Egg Nog, Egg Nog Latte’s, Egg Nog Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, Pretty leaves, fires, sweatshirts and scarves, apple cider and hot tea and THANKSGIVING. Candles, Baking, Friends and Family *sigh*
  • My grandparents are driving from Texas to spend Thanksgiving in KC this year, since my brother and sister-in-law (Jeremy & Jen) are moving to Fredericksburg VA in January to serve the Prayer Furnace there.
  • The suddenly cold is causing my surgeried foot problems and I would appreciate your prayers. The limp is back strong, some mobility seems to be lost and pain that was gone has crept back in.
  • I’ve been so encouraged to have the word of God written on my heart due to my buddy Truman coming in 2nd in the Nation at this fall’s Bible Bee! Read about it here and be thoroughly convicted to know God 🙂
  • My friend Alyssa has shared hours of conversations regarding singleness and baaad ways to start relationships – living in a community whose dynamics resemble a small town yet focus’ on passion, intensity and not so much….friendship and normalcy causes….interesting things to happen. As for me, I am happy and will continue to encourage young people to not aimlessly date.
  • I am just link happy tonight! Click click click away!! Visit my friends blogs, read their cool stuff, and if you want to give them money because they are all missionaries and all hurting!! Bahahhahah!!
  • And with that, it’s 1.25 am, I just ate leftover Tomato Phillo Pizza that I baked for the after service crew the other night along with a glass of egg nog and I’m sleepy.

The End!